Media Inquiries, Training + Crisis Communications


Media Inquiries, Interview Requests, and Requests for Comment
ISS directors or staff members contacted by the media directly, should notify the ISS Communications & Marketing Manager upon receipt of the inquiry. If possible, notification should occur prior to participating in an interview or responding to media inquiries. Alternatively, if a response has already been provided to the media, please promptly share a copy or summary with the ISS Communications & Marketing Manager. This helps ensure proper and effective representation of the University and ISS Departments and keeps ISS Administration and UNM's Executive Administration informed when our departments make news.  


Contact the ISS Communication & Marketing Manager to schedule media training and guidance with UCAM.


ISS departments should route administrative-level customer communication requests through their respective Assistant Vice President (AVP), following the department's reporting structure. AVPs and department directors will collaborate with the Chief Marketing & Communications Officer for UNM to develop and gain approval for these communications from UNM’s Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration (SVPF&A) and UNM Administration.

Additional approvals from the Office of the Executive Vice President for Finance & Administration may be necessary, especially when ensuring compliance with legal matters, the Inspection of Public Records Act (IPRA), or the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Examples of Administrative-Level Customer Communications:

  • Communications that address highly sensitive topics like UNM policy changes, topics that may have legal ramifications or topics that will likely generate negative media attention.