Space Allocation Committee

The Space Allocation Committee (SAC) meets once a month to discuss the assignment and utilization of facilities and space occupied by the University of New Mexico. The committee makes recommendations to the Space Management Team (SMT) on how space needs have changed. The Provost appoints the Space Allocation Committee (SAC) membership to oversee the allocation and utilization of space owned or leased by any campus departments or institutes on North, Central, or South campuses unrelated to space allocated to the Health System or Athletics. This PDF offers more detail about the operation of the Space Allocation Committee, its structure and guidance, related subcommittees, and the goals of the space allocation process.

Meeting Information

Attend a Space Allocation Committee meeting.

The SAC will hold a meeting View the calendar here.

Related Groups 

SAC membership will include a designee from the following:
  • Faculty Senate
  • Office of the Vice President for Research
  • Student Affairs
  • Dean’s Council
    • COE
    • CULLS
    • Art & Sciences
  • Enrollment Management
  • Office of Planning, Budget & Analysis
  • Planning, Design & Construction (PDC)
  • Capital & Space Strategies (CSS)
  • Facilities Management (FM)
  • Huan Resources
  • Associated Students of the University of New Mexico
  • Graduate & Professional Student Association
  • UNM Academic Technologies
  • CEEO Chief Compliance Office
  • ADA Coordinator
  • North Campus Representative

 SAC members will be appointed to two-year terms and will not be limited by the number of terms served. Dean's Council representatives may have a rotating appointment, with both a Dean and Associate Dean represented. SAC members cannot simultaneously serve on the SAC and the Space Management Team.

The SAC must have current and reliable space data to assist in space planning decisions. To that end, all space data (including branch, school, college, and unit data) has been centralized, and relevant processes should be implemented to help maintain data integrity and ensure that every space request is treated fairly. Each unit’s space allocation committee should regularly update and maintain space data, with annual audits performed.

Each branch/college/department’s space allocation committee will periodically review existing space allocations' utilization, quantity, and quality.  These reviews should reference published University space guidelines and give due consideration to inefficiencies associated with the space’s design, location, and condition. 

The University complies with the NM Higher Education Department’s requirement to maintain a facilities space inventory database of record that houses all space data for every building in their inventory.  The database must classify spaces using the Postsecondary Education Facilities Inventory and Classification Manual (FICM): 2006 Edition. Capital & Space Strategies (CSS) is the steward of the space database of record for the University.  Departments are responsible for regular updates to the space inventory when changes occur, such as occupant, classification, function, room contact, or grant status change. The University space database of record is the source that will be used for the analysis of existing space allocation analysis and any changes to allocations.

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