2: Assess Feasibility

The AVPARM within the Office of the Provost is tasked with managing the space allocation process, including approving (or denying) space requests and reallocations, chairing the Space Allocation Committee, and ensuring that the University's mission and vision align with institutional space needs while contributing to student, faculty, and staff success.

1. The Space Management Team reviews the unit’s Space Request Form before a feasibility study begins
  • Depending on the scope of the request, the Space Management Team will determine if a feasibility study is appropriate
  • Internal ISS divisions may conduct a scaled-down assessment for requests of smaller scope
2. PDC Planning facilitates the feasibility assessment, which includes several steps:
  • Review the unit’s space data in FAMIS, along with any recent projects or assessments
  • Work with the unit to understand its current and future programmatic needs, such as number of staff, offices needed, and other space uses.
  • Assess physical conditions of current spaces and pinpoint potential new spaces that meet or exceed the current resources.

3: Review/Approve