3: Review/Approve

The Provost appoints the SAC membership to oversee the allocation and utilization of space owned or leased for use by any campus departments or institutes on North, Central, or South campuses unrelated to space allocated to the Health System or Athletics. The following groups provide support and report to the SAC. The committees will provide regular updates (summaries) to the SAC on how their space needs have changed.

1. Once the feasibility assessment is complete, PDC Planning presents the study’s results to the unit, the Space Management Team, and the Space Allocation Committee

2. If the three entities do not reach a consensus on the recommendations, the unit works with the Space Management Team to re-submit and present a revision

3. If a consensus is reached on the recommendations, the Space Allocation Team proceeds to the Implementation stage

  • Proceeding to Implementation does not guarantee the project will move forwardthe first step of Implementation determines if funding is available

4. If a consensus is not reached, the space allocation decision is presented to the Provost (academic space) or SVP (administrative space) for final recommendation.

4: Implement