1. Identify Need

Each branch, college, or department should work internally within its designated space allocation team to review requests for space allocation within its branch, college, or unit. Decisions made by each unit independent of the SAC must align with UNM's mission and vision. Responses and conclusions should be communicated to all parties impacted by the request and decision.

1. The unit clarifies their space needs on the Space Request Form (made available by the SAC). The need for space may be identified in two main ways:

  • A unit identifies its own need for space
  • UNM leadership approaches the unit about finding new space

2. If the unit can find available space already allocated to them, their school, college, or dedpartment they may:

  • Address their space needs internally with the approval of unit Dean or Director (VP if administrative spaces).
  • Reach out for support as needed through Project Intake.

3. If the unit needs new space, unit leadership at the Director, Dean, or comparable level must ensure that funding is available and sign the Space Request Form.

4. Unit submits the Space Request Form with all required signatures to the Space Management Team.

2: Assess Feasibility

Submit a Space Request Form

identify need