Space Management Oversight

The following groups provide support and report to the Space Allocation Committee (SAC). The committees will provide regular updates (summaries) to the SAC on how their space needs have changed.

Space at the University is managed closely by the Assistant Vice President for Academic Resource Management, the University-wide Space Allocation Committee, the Space Management Team, and several space allocation committee that are specific to a particular entity on campus.

The AVPARM within the Office of the Provost is tasked with managing the space allocation process, including approving (or denying) space requests and reallocations, chairing the Space Allocation Committee, and ensuring that the University’s mission and vision align with institutional space needs while contributing to student, faculty, and staff success.

The Provost appoints the SAC membership to oversee the allocation and utilization of space owned or leased for use by any campus departments or institutes on North, Central, or South campuses unrelated to space allocated to the Health System or Athletics.

Space Allocation Committee

The SMT supports the SAC. The SMT serves as a professional resource regarding space assets on and off campus; provides effective stewardship of the space inventory database; manages space requests; facilitates an annual space survey; conducts space audits; supports campus moves, and provides accurate and timely space inventory and utilization reports to inform decision-makers about short and long-term space needs.

The Health Sciences (HSC) Space Allocation Committee is appointed by the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of HSC to oversee the allocation and utilization of space owned or leased for use by HSC departments, institutes, or clinics. 

Each branch, college, or department should work internally within its designated space allocation teams to review requests for space allocation within its branch, college, or department. Decisions made by branches/colleges/departments independent of the SAC must align with UNM’s mission and vision. Responses and conclusions should be communicated to all parties impacted by the request and decision.

The Director of Athletics oversees the allocation and utilization of space owned or leased by the Athletics Department.

The Student Union Building Board (SUBB), together with its subcommittees, works with the Vice President for Student Affairs to establish policy for, and to approve, the use of the Student Union Building’s facilities, consistent with the SUBB’s vision for the use of the building by students, faculty, alumni, University employees, and members of the community.