Planning, Design & Construction (PDC)

Did you Know? 15,000 tons of concrete was demolished and 18,000 cubic yards of dirt was excavated for the new Physics & Astronomy Interdisciplinary Science (PAIS) building.

 UNM Facts

Planning, Design & Construction (PDC) provides seamless delivery of professional support services and to facilitate best practices in capital project planning, development and construction on behalf of our internal clients. PDC provides comprehensive guidance related to the institution’s built environment; specifically, strategic guidance supportive of campus master planning, programming, architectural development, building efforts and best design practices.

Key UNM Partner Departments:

  • Facilities Management (FM)
  • Environmental Health & Safety (EHS)
  • Information Technologies (IT)


Planning, Design & Construction’s mission is to steward UNM’s campus identity and lead capital development to create outstanding environments.


Planning, Design & Construction’s vision is to create great spaces for great people doing great things!

Contact Information

Amy Coburn
University Architect
(505) 277-3600