Lobo Energy Incorporated

Did you Know? As the State’s flagship institution of higher education, UNM has a civic, social, and fiscal responsibility to optimize its procurement, production, and consumption of energy. To assist in energy management, UNM has adopted a university policy, UAP 5100. Since May of 2008, UNM has reduced energy consumption by 22.1%.

 UNM Facts

Lobo Energy, Incorporated assists the University of New Mexico with the following: Participate in the University’s energy-related regulatory issues. Recommend appropriate actions and strategies in response to regulatory opportunities or events. Explore and potentially develop partnerships and strategic alliances. Work with State of New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources department to partner a project pertaining to the UNM utility infrastructure. Explore with the State of New Mexico statewide energy conservation initiatives.


Lobo Energy provides assistance to the University, as requested, for management and supervision of the planning, design, engineering, contracting, energy-conservation, and commissioning services for assigned projects; procurement of equipment and services in the course of implementing the projects; and review of regulatory issues while monitoring long-term technological innovation and sustainable practices.


Lobo Energy Incorporated aspires to be the premier advocate in institutional utility management.

Contact Information

Jason Strauss
President/ CEO of Lobo Energy, Incorporated