UNM Capital & Space Strategies

Did you Know?   UNM has 13,436,676 gross square feet, made up of 455 buildings, which creates 57,692 rooms.

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UNM Capital & Space Strategies provides strategic coordination, guidance and planning resources for institutional space, facility physical assets and capital resources for the University of New Mexico.

Capital planning includes working with campus stakeholders to develop integrated, strategic capital projects and preparing the annual Capital Outlay Plan.

  • Coordinates and facilitates the capital planning process for the University thru the Capital Planning Leadership Team (CPLT)
  • Assists with defining and prioritizing projects for future funding targets/requests
  • Develops capital project plans and integrated funding strategies
  • Facilitates project construction approval thru UNM and State Governing Boards

Space management includes providing the campus with space data analyses to aid decisions regarding major capital projects and other campus planning endeavors, and managing information on the utilization of space.

  • Chairs and facilitates the Space Allocation Committee
  • Conducts space studies and audits consistent with campus strategic objectives
  • Supports space utilization studies and strategic space planning
  • Supports and informs the campus space inventory and database
  • Supports space assignments on and off-campus


Guiding the strategic use and development of UNM’s capital resources.


Defining the framework for effective utilization and modification of UNM’s capital resources to support academic innovation, research advancement, and community services.

Contact Information

Capital & Space Strategies
Tabia Murray Allred, Planning Officer
(505) 277-9288