Shawna Wolfe

Vice President for Institutional Support Services


Shawna Wolfe, an alumna of Ohio University, is the Vice President for Institutional Support Services (ISS) at The University of New Mexico. With a dedication to the University's mission, she brings a wealth of experience in transformative planning and leadership within higher education institutions.

Reporting to the Executive Vice President for Finance and Administration, Teresa Costantinidis, Shawna spearheads strategic initiatives, emphasizing collaborative leadership and effective team-building. She is tasked with providing vision to a diverse portfolio of administrative and service-oriented units.

Shawna actively represents University initiatives to both internal and external stakeholders, managing a complex political environment. She plays a pivotal role in evaluating and optimizing administrative and operational structures within ISS, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Shawna Wolfe's leadership demonstrates her commitment to enhancing the University of New Mexico's overall effectiveness and impact. Her strategic vision aligns with the institution's goals, emphasizing collaboration and efficiency across diverse University units.

Photo of Shawna Wolfe


Phone: (505) 277-7591