Asset Management

The Asset Management Program (AMP) is a strategic endeavor to adopt a One University approach for University lands and facility assets. This initiative aims to capitalize on UNM 2040: Opportunity Defined and the Integrated Campus Plan framework, and advance comprehensive planning and the highest and best use of University lands and facilities.


  1. Outcome: By fostering collaboration among stakeholders, including UNM Health and Health Sciences, Athletics, and community partners, the university aims to develop and implement a comprehensive land planning strategy that maximizes space utilization while preserving green areas and enhancing the campus environment.
  2. Approach: Through transparent dialogue and mindful consideration of environmental and community impact, the AMP will review inclusive planning processes, ensuring that land allocation aligns with academic, research, and healthcare needs while promoting sustainability and preserving the campus’s aesthetic appeal.
  1. Outcome: By promoting transparency in decision-making processes and collaboration among financial stakeholders, the AMP intends to share a facility investment strategy that optimizes resource allocation, prioritizing projects that enhance academic excellence, student experience, and operational efficiency.
  2. Approach: Through mindful assessment of current facility conditions, projected future needs, and financial resources, the AMP will contribute in transparent discussions to prioritize capital investments that align with strategic goals, ensuring that funds are allocated efficiently to projects that yield the greatest return on investment and support the University’s mission.
  1. Outcome: Through collaborative efforts across the campuses, the AMP aims to enhance space utilization efficiency, ensuring that facilities are utilized effectively to support teaching, research, and student engagement activities.
  2. Approach: By promoting transparency in space allocation processes and encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration, the AMP will review and advise on strategies such as shared space agreements, flexible scheduling, and technology-enabled booking systems to maximize the use of existing facilities, reducing inefficiencies and optimizing the campus environment for all stakeholders.
  1. Outcome: By fostering a culture of transparency and mindfulness regarding campus growth and development, the university seeks to right-size the campus, ensuring that facilities are aligned with current and future academic and administrative needs while promoting sustainability and fiscal responsibility.
  2. Approach: Through collaborative dialogue and data-driven decision-making, the AMP will review comprehensive assessments of space utilization, demographic trends, and academic program requirements to inform campus planning efforts. Transparent communication and engagement with the university community will ensure that decisions regarding campus size and configuration reflect shared values and support UNM's long-term success.

Asset Management Program Committees

The AMP will establish an Asset Management Committee (AMC) and utilize existing committees to build upon current work methods, processes, and decision-making for land use and facility assets. The AMP will align existing structures to receive direction from institutional leadership and vet recommendations on facility investment and land use strategies through the AMC.


Land Use Planning Committee

Capital Planning Leadership Team (CPTL)

Space Allocation Committee (SAC)

Campus Design Review Committee