Asset Management

The University of New Mexico initiated the Asset Management Program (AMP) in January 2021, to provide a comprehensive, institutional asset management focus supporting long-term, strategic planning for the University’s buildings, spaces, and land inventories.


Goal 1: Strategically plan land and facility assets to serve the academic mission as stated in UNM 2040: Opportunity Defined.

Goal 2:  Generate space management policies and procedures that address space use and accountability, space allocation process, and space guidelines.

As of July, 2021 UNM, is responsible for maintaining over 13 million square feet of facilities throughout New Mexico. One of the largest expenses to the University is the maintenance and operations of our facilities. AMP seeks to improve the strategic use of facilities to ensure we are utilizing the spaces within to support the multiple missions of the institution.

Space Allocation Process

Space Request

Goal 3: To meet the State’s Higher Education Department’s (HED) requests to reduce deferred maintenance and to address optimization of energy, Operations & Maintenance (O&M), and program/facility alignment, reduce Instruction & General (I&G) space by 300K square feet, which is 5% of Main, North, and South campuses that: a) is no longer code compliant; b) requires systematic renovation; c) costs more to renovate than the value of the property.