Amy Hawkins


Staff Council

As a fifth-generation New Mexican, Amy has a great passion for working at the state’s flagship university and all things New Mexico. Amy’s work ethic, zeal for education, and love of leadership values run deep, as does promoting a diversified environment where all people can enjoy equal access to competitive opportunities regardless of their race, gender, sex, or disability status. In the role of Staff Council Administrator, Amy manages 70 volunteer Staff Councilors and 13 committees through a variety of tasks related to organization, technology, communication, events, and correspondence. She is talented at distinguishing what is and what is not an organizational problem, where the solutions should come from, and the most advantageous way to implement those solutions. Her ability to manage financial accounts, capacity to utilize resources to their fullest potential, and creative management of difficult and often sensitive situations is a rare combination of qualities.

Amy holds a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from NMSU and an M.P.A. from UNM. In 2023, she published a case study about the Staff Council Mentorship Program in "Making Connections: A Handbook for Effective Formal Mentoring Programs in Academia." She has volunteered as a Dean of Students Student Respondent Support person and an HR Employee Health Promotion Wellness Ambassador since their inceptions. In the ten years she has worked at UNM, she has been awarded three Fellowships: New Mexico Evaluation Lab Senior, New Mexico Evaluation Lab, and UNM Office of Student Affairs; and seven Awards: Purchasing Sustainability Award, 2014 Gerald W. May Award, UNM Leadership and Involvement Award, and four Staff Council Star Awards.

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Phone: (505) 277-1532
Office: Staff Council