Submit a Request

ISS Creative Services uses Spiceworks, a web-based ticketing system, to manage job requests and other inquiries. The software allows us to rank inquiries, classify them by priority, and assign tickets so we can organize requests and complete projects in the most efficient way possible. As an added bonus, when you log into the ISS Creative Services Support Request Portal you see your own personal dashboard with a list of your open tickets, so you don't lose track of your projects either. 

Submitting a support request is easy! Here's how to get started:

Ticketing Portal + Job Dashboard

  • Go to the ISS Creative Services Support Request Portal
  • Enter your email address to log in.
    • Please note: For security and to prevent spam, Spiceworks requires authentication.
  • Spiceworks will send you an email, inviting you to click on a secure link to login to the ISS Creative Services Help Desk portal. Click on the link to access your personal dashboard.
  • Select the "+ Submit a ticket" button in the upper right hand corner to get started. 
  • Fill out the online ticket submission form, attach documents (optional), and submit.  

Emailing Requests


Still have questions?

Contact Sarah Scott at or (505) 277-1577.