Parking & Transportation Services

Did you Know? In FY17, PATS sold 18,502 regular permits for use in just over 13,097 parking spaces, and provided over 1.5 million rides on its shuttles. In August 2016, PATS implemented the "Night Bus" route, which on Monday - Thursday, 7 p.m. - 10 p.m., enables customers to ride between South, Main and North Campuses without having to transfer buses.

 UNM Facts

To meet the parking and transportation needs of its customers, UNM’s Parking and Transportation Services Department (PATS) provides a range of services that include permit parking, visitor (hourly) parking, campus-wide shuttle services, and alternative transportation programs such as the Bike Locker Program and ABQRIDE Bus Sticker Program. UNM’s growth in its urban environment and how it fits as a member of the Albuquerque community are two key themes that challenge PATS to adapt and change in order to meet its mission of ensuring access to University in as efficient and cost-effective manner as feasible.


Parking & Transportation Service’s mission is to support the University’s education, research, and service missions by providing access to key programs for faculty, staff, students and visitors through a variety of transportation services that consider the needs of each customer.


The Parking & Transportation Service’s vision is to be a point of pride for our staff, University, and State by:

  • Delivering exceptional value to our customers and employees
  • Being an integrated part of the learning community
  • Offering services and systems that are easy to understand, use, and manage
  • Utilizing industry best-practices and cutting edge technology
  • Demonstrating effective stewardship for our natural environment

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Barbara Morck