Real Estate Department (RED)

The Real Estate Department at the University of New Mexico is responsible for all of the real property holdings, both in selling and acquiring real property for the benefit of the institution. As well as all leasing for the University, both of leasing university facilities to outside entities and of leasing off-campus space for university departments and/or activities. The Real Estate Department manages the property held by the University to maximize the benefit it will bring to the University for long-term growth and development.

Our Mission

    • To provide professional services to the institution for all real estate matters.

    • To assist the institution in meeting its space needs through off-campus leases, when required.

    • To acquire and sell real property when required to meet institutional purposes.

    • To generate revenue from the institution's real property assets in a manner which is consistent with its academic, research, and public service mission.

    • To plan, develop and market selected real properties which are best suited in meeting the institution's income needs or which satisfy other institutional purposes, e.g. research or public service.

    • To manage the institution's "endowment" real property to maximize income generation or value enhancement.
    • To assist in the long-range physical, i.e. land planning, activities of the instituion, particularly as they relate to University real estate.

    • To monitor the activities of the State Land Office as they relate to lands held in trust by the Commission or Public Lands for the benefit of the University.