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Physical Plant Department (PPD)

Did you Know? The UNM Physical Plant Department (PPD) operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and processes more than 60,000 work orders each and every year.  This translates to about 164 work orders every day!  To learn more about PPD’s excellence, please watch this video!

 UNM Facts

The Physical Plant Department (PPD) is primarily responsible for the care and upkeep of over 10 million square feet of facilities and 680 acres of open space. Maintaining the physical environment on a campus this size requires a lot of planning and consistent diligence to protect and maintain the physical environment of the campus. It is PPD’s goal to provide a safe, beautiful, functional, comfortable, clean, and sustainable environment for the campus community.


The Physical Plant Department’s mission is to consistently deliver effective programs and efficient facility service based on sustainable and collaborative outcomes aligned with the University of New Mexico’s core mission.


The Physical Plant Department’s vision is that our community, state, and national peers will recognize the University of New Mexico’s Physical Plant Department as a leader in campus sustainability and facilities stewardship.

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Alfred Sena