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R Gary Smith

Interim Director

Physical Plant Department

Dr. Gary Smith has worked at the University of New Mexico’s Facilities Management Department since 1995 and is currently the Interim Director.  Smith oversees the daily maintenance activities of over 11 million square feet in 304 separate facilities on 680 acres of grounds, and manages an annual budget of over $87 million.  Smith started the University of New Mexico’s HACCP-Based Water Management Program in 2012 and has implemented many innovative and effective facility and ground maintenance practices while at UNM. 

Gary has been involved in higher education for over 40 years as a student, faculty member, researcher, and facilities management professional. After obtaining his BS degree in Range and Wildlife Management from Texas Tech University, Gary worked for the Texas A&M University Agricultural Research and Experiment Station for 10 years as a researcher in agronomic Integrated Pest Management.  During this time, Gary obtained his MS and Ph.D. degrees from Texas Tech University in Agronomy, with an emphasis in Plant Pathology and Integrated Pest Management. Gary moved to New Mexico in 1991 and worked for New Mexico State University developing an Urban Integrated Pest Management program for the State of New Mexico. Gary later became a member of the National Registry of Environmental Professionals after attending the Oklahoma State University, Hazardous Waste Management School’s certification program. 

Gary has graduated from the Association of Higher Education Facilities Officers’ (APPA) Institute for Facilities Management and the Leadership Academy, and has made over 50 Rocky Mountain region and national conference presentations on facilities management issues and professional leadership development. Gary was a featured panelist at the 3rd Annual Smart Water Leadership Summit. 

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Phone: (505) 277-6644
Office: Physical Plant Department