UNM Master Plan Update

Consolidated Master Plan

UNM has completed our Consolidated Master Plan! This Consolidated Master Plan gives us the framework for moving our great University forward, one step at a time; it opens the doors to new possibiltiies. With an institution of the size and complexity of UNM, Master Planning is a continual process. Our University faces a major challenge of balancing increased enrollment and declining state funding while continuing to advance our mission as a flagship University.

The Consolidated Master Plan was adopted by the Board of Regents on September 13, 2011.

Find out more information about the UNM Consolidated Master Plan.

September 2011 Update - UNM Health Sciences Center Master Plan

View the Aug 9th Regent Presentation on the Consolidated Master Plan

If you have comments or questions on the UNM Consolidated Master Plan, contact us at planning@unm.edu.

Master Plan Update

The UNM Master Plan Update started in 2007 we began internally to gather data and interview Deans and Academic Leadership, as well as engaging the internal facilities groups on campus. In 2008 the consultant, Dekker Perich Sabatini, was engaged to assist with the Update of the 1996 Barton Meyers Development Plan.

Why is the Master Plan Important to You? This presentation will give you a perspective of why the Master Plan Update is important from a student who helped work on the Update. Or check out this Master Plan Primer for more information on why the Master Plan is important and how it is the framework for UNM's future development.

Find out more information about these Master Plan Topics:

Current Master Plan Framework

The Current Master Plan Framework is the guideline for campus development over the next 10 years. The Framework does not dictate the exact timing or configuartion of new buildings, it provides recommendations for growth and serves as a guide for the University to work in for capital improvements during the next 10-20 years.

UNM Master Plan UpdateUNM Illustrative Plan

Upon the completion of the Comprehensive Master Plan Update Framework, the Health Sciences Center embarked on a District Master Plan Update for their campus. Health Science Center Master Plan

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Master Plan Implementation Projects

How will the Master Plan Update be implemented? The Master Plan Update made several recommendations on siting, transportation, land use, etc. The following projects are projects that will begin to Implement the Master Plan Update.

Student Housing Outreach Workshop

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Community Outreach

Community Outreach has been a focus of the Master Plan Update. We have striven to engage the community in our planning efforts. Starting in August 2009 the Comprehensive Master Plan Update was made available for public comment. Below you can review the comments we received.

Student Housing Outreach Workshop

Beginning in August 2008 meetings, interviews and charrettes with key stakeholders: students, faculty, staff, city & county officials, CNM, Neighborhood Associations, etc. were held for the Comprehensive Master Plan Update.

Student Housing Outreach Workshop

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Other Master Plans

UNM West Master Plan Athletics Master Plan

Science & Technology Park

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