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Consolidated Master Plan

UNM has completed its Consolidated Master Plan! This Consolidated Master Plan gives us the framework for moving our great University forward, one step at a time; it opens the doors to new possibiltiies. With an institution of the size and complexity of UNM, Master Planning is a continual process. Our University faces a major challenge of balancing increased enrollment and declining state funding while continuing to advance our mission as a flagship University.

The Consolidated Master Plan was adopted by the Board of Regents on September 13, 2011.

September 2011 Update - UNM Health Sciences Center Master Plan

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    Consolidated Master Plan Abstract

    Over the course of the past five years, we have completed two master plans that, taken together, create a comprehensive planning framework for the campus.  The UNM Master Plan Update builds upon our strategic vision for the University and focuses on student success, excellence in academics and research, and healthy communities. It proposes specific measures designed to connect the north, central and south portions of UNM into one cohesive campus.

    In 2009, after the completion of the Master Plan Update, the Board of Regents requested that we ensure the public that we had addressed the concerns raised by people during the planning process.  In the ensuing 18 months, the planning team has met with a wide range of community groups.

    Master planning is a continual process.  We are moving forward with more detailed studies for the Central Campus, The advanced level of detail shown in the HSC Master Plan will be moved forward for the Central Campus. On the South Campus, we will fully integrate the Athletic Facilities Plan (AFP) and reinforce our efforts of integrating the AFP into the larger campus context.

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    Consolidated Master Plan

    The Consolidated Master Plan includes the UNM Master Plan Update 2009 (Part One) and the UNM Health Sciences Center Master Plan 2010 (Part Two). UNM Health Science Center Master Plan September 2011 Update.
    As well as Appendices:

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    Questions or Comments

    If you have questions or comments on the UNM Consolidated Master Plan please contact us at planning@unm.edu

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